My name is Jacob Cournoyer. I have a Masters degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. I have always been fascinated by design and its ability to cause positive effects on our lives. Design can create the ripples of change to reshape our world. In no profession is this truer than in the world of architecture. Through the dedication and hard work that can bring ideas to life, architects hold the tools for change. This change is not restricted to the physical world or the built environment; but lends ideas to the deeper understanding of the human psyche. In architecture lies the basic fundamentals for understanding what it means to be human; it is an expression ourselves as individuals and as people. It is where we live, learn, and grow as a society. This is truly important as we enter a time of unparalleled connectedness where ideas are more easily shared and collaborative efforts birth a new understanding of the world around us.